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Pills that kill your weight

Many health care experts and numerous health supplement providers across the globe use the "body mass index" to ascertain who would benefit from the use of botanical slimming soft gel. BMI estimates overall fat content and obesity on the basis of patient's height is to their weight. The medical examiner may prescribe a medicatet pill or a weight loss capsule or a drug to treat such obesity if the patient is an adult with a minimum BMI of 25 or higher.

The Pill Pros
When botanical slimming capsule and capsules are combined with strictly followed diet and rigorous physical activity, some people may see positive chsnges and start to lose weight, which is greatly due to the kind of drug taken and the body type of the patient. Up to 10 percent of total body weight can be reduced with moderate changes in diet and lifestyle, and to see more drastic changes, more serious alterations are required.

Weight loss impacts the health positively and also it decreases the risk of heart related problems by lowering blood sugar levels, controlling blood pressure, and limiting triglycerides in the blood. Many health experts expect and usually ensure a weight loss of 5 to 10 % while prescribing these drugs and this means better body and self image and enhanced mobility.

Most commonly people experience tremendous weight loss in the first 6 months after starting the program, where the fastest results are visible but with passage of time, weight loss becomes slow and then slower unless more changes are made to the diet and exercises.

The Pill Cons
Because weight loss capsules or fat loss pills are not approved by any authorities across nations, there are extreme chances that their side effects may outweigh the benefits derived from them in the long run. It is ideally advised to only take weight loss drugs or medicines for pure health benefits but not cosmetic ones. Some experts have also linked these weight loss drugs to serious health problems like heart attacks, risen blood pressure levels. 


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